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Welcome at Kasita Seminary

One of the historical attractions in Mahenge Diocese is Kasita Seminary. Kasita seminary was founded by Franciscan Capuchin Missionaries from Switzerland in 1950. The name KASITA has its roots from KUESTER. Mr. Kuester was a german settler who sold his house and land to the missionaries. The natives, Wapogoro, found it easier to say KESITA and later KASITA!

Kasita Seminary is among the best secundary schools of the Morogoro District and of entireTanzania. The guidelines of the school can be read close to the entry on a notice board: study hard, work hard, pray hard! The results of the nationwide exams prove that his leadership is very successful. Almost all students pass the exams with good and very good marks. After finishing the secundary school, they can continue with priestly formation, can go to the university or will easily find a good job. Therefore many young man would like to join Kasita seminary and the number of applications is rising every year. The nice town of Mahenge situated at a 1600m above sea level offers a comfortable klimate to the students. The temperatures are moderate and most of the time there is enough water.

The future of tanzania is formed in Kasita and in other high level schools. We can support the school to offer a good infrastructure for the students. They will say "thank you" by working on a fair, social balanced, economic modern and ecologically friendly country. A profit for Africa and the whole world.

Dr. Markus Willi